High-yield investment program (HYIP) monitor and online investment advisor.



It is website, such as this,

It is website, such as this, which make lists HYIPs ranking. Rating based on analysis of technical information and personal experience of monitoring administration. Monitoring provide technical information about HYIPs that helps investors determine the choice of HYIP investment. In addition, monitoring shows the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments.

Jun-29-2017 01:30:09 PM

What is HYIP?

HYIP is (High Yield Investment Program), they accumulate a capital from contributions of conventional Internet users. For use investor deposit https://top10invest.com, HYIPs is paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans. Feature of HYIP is that, interest is accrued on a daily basis (sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly). Percentage of interest can range from 0.1%-0.5%- 10%-12 %daily! But, the best and safest option is 1-3% per day, it is 30-90% per month (more than annual interest in bank). Usually minimum contribution in HYIPs is between 1 and 2000 dollars. https://top10invest.com

Jun-11-2017 08:10:52 AM